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thermal direct printer

Thermal Direct Printer

ZEBRA-ZT230 is an industrial thermal progress strip printer for Air Traffic control ATC/ATM applications. Plug and play to replace old material using Thales TOPSKY Protocol.

ZEBRA-ZT230 uses all essential technical specifications of direct printing technology. It combines attractive design, robust mechanic, and powerful electronic development for RFID applications the printer can be equipped with an optional RFID unit to encode all common standard transponders.

Including electronics high technologies resolution thermal print head 11.81 dot per mm (300 dpi), ZEBRA-ZT230 offers the best thermal paper quality to keep a clear and durable printed information and preventing premature head failure.

Compact & rugged, it can be easily integrated into restricted place, hardware manufactured in Germany a reference of quality to work in difficult environment dusty, high temperature...

Using Pegasus 301 R/L you can create both flight strips fanfold or rolls paper.

Technical Data & Advantages

  • Small and lightweight direct thermal printer
  • User-friendly display - easy setup
  • Mains connection with automatic switch
  • USB 2.0 and RS6232 interface
  • Semi-automatic paper feed
  • Paper tape holder included for finishing, accordion folding or roll
  • Support for two-color printing
  • 128 MB of flash memory (58 MB available to the user)
  • Printing speed: 152 mm / s
  • Resolution:
  • 8 dots per mm / 203 dpi
  • 12 dots per mm / 300 dpi (optional)
  • Maximum size for the roll:
  • A diameter of 203 mm on the outside in a shell and 76 mm in diameter on the inside.
  • A diameter of 152 mm on the outside in a shell and 25 mm in diameter on the inside.
  • Print length: 203 dpi: 3,988 mm
  • Fast delivery worldwide
  • Product warranty 5 years minimum, parts and after-sales service
  • Competitive price for high quality
  • Fast after-sales service
  • Technical support and problem solving within 30 days

Hermieu International Supply

HIS Hermieu International Supply is a French company specialized in production and printing of flight-strip paper (fanfold and rolls) with black mark See more

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