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Located in France, Hermieu International Supply is an European printing company specialised in manufacturing strip paper roll or Fanfold with black mark all sizes, special for ATC/ATM organisations, we are already partner of several Civil Aviations, and integrators Systems worldwide.

HIS has been offering ticketing solution for more than 20 years. Given the long list of users all over the world, including Civil and Military ATC organisations, an important part worldwide community already appreciates our products & services.

We hope the information on this website can help you. You are always welcome to contact us for further information or for a personalized solution tailored to your specific needs and wishes


Started its activities as flight strip paper manufacturer in 1984 with Department of DNSA, since then the company has known a growth continuous product range and services by developing a new thermal strip printer Pegasus 301L/R specially manufactured for ATC/ATM department.

Pegasus is already certified by Thales System France to replace any old printers plus & play, invested and became manufacturer of several size of strip-holder and strip holder racks with competitive price. HIS has found his way to market all over the world.

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First class customer support

HIS Hermieu International Supply’s team has a large experience in ATC & ATM requirements for more than 20 years. Dealing effectively with any customise request, HIS is able to deliver anywhere within few days any stock breakdown or an emergency need. Upon customer inquiry, HIS ensure a permanently buffer stock free of charges, ready at any moment to be delivered following instructions. Offering quick delivery service, best quality, attractive price and after-delivery express service, a large number of users worldwide recommends HIS Hermieu International Supply as one of the best reliable suppliers for ATC department.

Bring specific know-how

We have variable printing capacity; the Strips can be delivered in many number of size and finishing, roll, ply or fanfold, cut. We select the most suitable and best qualified raw materials.

Give you the appropriate services.

  • Standard or customized request
  • Technical assistance
  • Quality made in France
  • Sample supply
  • Competitive price
  • World wide delivery